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Here's the fourth round of the r.o.t.m RP competition series.
July's winner will receive a Set of OZ BRETON in 17" or 18".

pic by pro models crew

Rules: * Max 1 car per user - Max 4 pictures per car.
* Detailed Spec list
* HAS to be a car u allready use in your rp!
* After submitting here - feel free to post pictures in "Show off" threads.
* Photoshop, ENB and any kind of post-editing are allowed(anything as long as it suits your RP).
* Do not edit your post, edited posts will be considered as cheating and will not take part at the final voting.
* Car that attended earlier ROTM Comps are banned except they went through proper makeovers!

Submit your pictures until 25/July/2018(midnight GMT).

Good luck!

* ROTM winners will take part at ROTY 2018 comp.