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Doing My own thing

Where should i start...*sigh* With a heavy heart,with bruises and cuts on my hands and tears in my eye,the Celice SR20 was a total DOOM.The first test run was all-right but the damn car didn't drift,it's not made for drifting.So i got my engine out yet again.Left it sitting for about a week,found a buyer for the Celica and we parted ways.


Dark Green Mica repainted,updated R33 GT-R brakes,R34 Skyline wheels.

Chromed the wheels

Bought an OEM Supra Turbo-A70 steering wheel in mint condition

My new pain in the ass.

Advertised as a NON-working car,how stupid was i when i thought it would be an easy job...I thought to myself, ohh i have an engine.I'll just swap it and it's done.It wasn't like that at all.So we got the old SR20 out,blown ofcourse.Installed my SR20 for which i was pretty fucking sure it would run.When the time came,turned the ignition,starter motor started to spin the engine....and it span the engine,span it,span it...Nothing.It's spinning to the point where it needs to ignite and then it just dies out.I don't know what to do,if anyone has a proper fucking mechanic or an Silvia expert...I'll be willing to pay for fixing this up.

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