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The first launch can take some time because of the amount of files the game has to manage if you are not running it from an SSD wait at least 2 minutes.
If windows bothers you with a dialog that it is not responding click the "wait for the application to respond" (the last) option it eventually will.

If however it is the more simple stopped working dialog and you don't have the option to wait for the program to respond first thing first check the error.log maybe there is something there, secondly try and rename the d3d9.dll to something else (NOT_d3d9.dll for example)and hence disabling reshade because it can act up, later if you manage to get in the game once, you can enable it again for the next launch.

Also if you have reshade enabled don't try and force anything on the game form your graphics driver (nvidia control panel or equivalent) reshade will try and disable anything you try to add to it but it can fail and it's behaviour becomes undefined.

Also if you havent yet install the latest update: "Ever refreshing patchlink" for SlrrExhaustive

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