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My game keeps crashing. Usually when im in valo city, in the parking lot looking at my cars. I cant figure out if its the car thats making it crash because I have a good amount. Is there anyway to know which mod it is? Also how do you change your garage and add maps ? I download them but when i put them into add on maps it doesnt let me start up the game I want to know how to do it right. Thanks for the help

infiniti g35 03 ny Fireful0
honda civic ej2 and Honda civic eg6 both by thyago95
volkswagen golf mk3 by thyago95
subaru impreza 22b by Jesus Christ
bmw m3 e46 '05 by JoeAlex
mitsubishi 3000gt by Franco
hondacivic coupe 14 by gtr05
bb93 honda k and f series by Jaziba

these are the mods that i have and i am running version slrr by l93v5

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