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So here's the story
I had gone down to the Italian coast to a friend's garage to fit a new exhaust on my car.

I also fitted some white Volk TE37V SLs I found during my time in Japan.

I found out the red Type X bumper can be salvaged but it's lengthy repair that would take a while, I removed the current bumper and resprayed and fitted on the bumper from the other 200SX. I also played around with the Arduino system the Mr.Stance fit into my car and listened to my playlist.

Then out of the corner of my eye I spot something cool and unusual...

A Ford Escort RS2000 with a custom red paintjob!

So I took a couple of pictures like the car spotter I am.

One thing I didn't notice was that the owner was standing behind me, so when I turned around and when I was complimenting their car I was suprised to see that the owner was a very nice looking girl. She introduced herself in English (which was pretty rough around the edges but okay for me) and asked me if I like the car, I told her yes and introduced myself and then offered if we could meet for a coffee in Como tomorrow which she accepted, last thing she asked before we left was if I had a car and which one, I replied with yes and pointed to my 200SX in the distance. She complimented my car and drove off.

I felt pretty enamored after that. Also pretty hot as well but that must've been the sweltering coastal heat.

I sold the off the Mark II Grande as a rolling shell, I kept the 1JZ-GTE for something devious.
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