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Starting the journey with the Chaser.I really love this daily monster,if y'all remember it's a A/T 1JZ-GTE with a 2JZ head,haven't had any breakdowns since the last problem,so i decided i will treat my girl with some new shoes,Brushed ALU finish AVS Driftmasters in 17" wrapped in Neova tyres,costed me 1000V$ for the lot.

Wanted to do the same thing for the Supra,i still have the Work Emotions but i wanted another pair.I have tried AVS Model 5's,R33 GTR wheels,Enkei RPF1's but none of them seem to suit my visualisation.So i bought a pair of new SSR GTV-01's which i think suit perfectly.

These costed me 1337V$ with Advan Neova AD08 in 18x10.Looks perfect.

Oh yea,another thing.Everybody remembers my old drift rocket with the SR and everything,this last month i've been on the look-out for a car,to be honest a chassis.There was a lot of fucking ideas of what to build,a lot of looking around.For example i wanted to make a RX-8 SR20DET swap but it was too much fucking around with everything,dropped that idea.Do another S-chassis SR20 was a bit too common for my style,i'm a dude who likes unique cars.So i came up with this little muchacho.

Toyota Celica ST205 1997 - 1950V$

Work that needs to be done- Exhaust system,driver's seat,steering wheel.Actually there is still a shitload to do.It came with a blown 3S engine.It had to go through some modifications to be able to house the SR engine,for instance a different intercooler style,so called V-Mount style,bought a AJS Top mount exhaust header along with a NEW turbo,i like how nobody could possibly suspect that there is a Nissan engine hiding beneath that hood.Tell me what you think of the up-coming build progress and other cars aswell :) Thank you lads. (WILL DO FINANCES L8R)

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