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Thanks, guys! I promised to give my FC detail today so I did...

I warn you there so much photo, total 8 them the photos.
Anyway, remember I show you my bare shell RX-7 FC that I bought it? Well, I fixed her up and create something "unique". Let closer and what I have done with her.

Under the bonnet, there has FD's rotary with 6 speed transmission. The spec is, Edelblock supercharger kit, with good uprated cooling system, some other part add on, plus everything rotary is stock, no modding. Inside transmission, it have Spec D stage 3 clutch kit with flywheel. It been dyno and remapped pushed to 380 BHP. Oh I add NOS for fun reason, plus I won't using it on street, track only.

The exterior went whole repainted, no more orange. I went darker blue because it look great, I kept more stock look, I don't want adding giant body kit on it, and I went bit wider on rear. The bonnet look like OEM but it been lighter, that why it got hood pin.

I want running 5 lug because I using FD brembo kit, I'm want to get wheel without ruined look so I picked Enkei RPF1, that have refurbishment done with painted dark gray. I was impression how it look well, it have brand new Greddy coilover with other suspension stuff that make sure that can handle with 380 BHP under hood.

The interior I want same plan as exterior, I found online with good deal about BRIDE seat with unbrand harness with RECARO neck pad so I get comfy same time I can hold still with powerful 380BHP. I add Nardi steering because it look nicer and sporty feel. To I kept eyes rotary are running healthy, I pick up three HKS gauges so I can see rotary telling about temp, boost and pressure. The battery and NOS was behind seat.

What is I'm hoping for? I'm hope my FC are in the ROTM (Ride of the Month) because she looking so beautiful and unique street car plus I been repairing to bring her back on the street, everything should be street legal, and it will gone to inspect centre tomorrow, hopeful it will passed.
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