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Hi guys ! Kinda new here so let me present myself ;)
My name is Tangi I'm 19 and I'm from France but I plan to move to Birmingham(UK)soon.
I'm into japanese cars especialy S-chasis.
I work as a car mecanic but I'm pretty good at bodywork ;)

So this is my projct car ! (I daily my mom's 318i e30)
I just bougth this onevia in rough condition (bad paint, dead batterie...)
It has an SR20DE with a toda exhaust mainfold (then straigt piped) and an apexi intake, some ebay coilovers, 5lug convertion and s14 wheels aswell as a fake bride seat and an aftermarket steering wheel with a NRG quick release.
The body is rust free but the paint is shot (first mod to come: bodywork!!!)
It needs a new batterie to start but i'm confident that she is going to run like a dream B)

She's missing tail ligts aswell :rolleyes:

I hope that you appreciate the build to come ! I'll post customers cars aswell ;)