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#141523   2018-05-06 19:13          
# Wypple : In my SLRR (Light Edition) the ENB's do not run well, i tried different things and nothing.
I got that slrr , try intel hd enb (dl section)
That enb works perfect

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# Dr. Zoom : I'm testing different of type the SLRR that could run with ENB just like the experiments between SLRR and ENB mod, I believed my light edition don't like ENB mod therefore my save and roleplay progress may lose so I may restarting my RP detail.

Hey , i got that slrr and muy enb works perfect (only in full size , not windowed)
Is the intel hd enb

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But if u want to restart ur progresa , i can sell you the sileighty xdddd

My Personal RP : *LINK*

# Soju : This is so unique, and I really like the styling!