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My name is Lucas but better known as Wypple, i'm 17 yrs old (not really), i live in Argentina, Entre Rios and i love cars since i remember.

I'm working in a mechanic workshop with my dad bringing some help or doing jobs, since I was 12 years old I was saving money, so that when I have my driver's license I can afford to buy a car, today I have 445,100 pesos (which is 20,000 dollars), i know it's a lot of money for what i have in mind but helps me a lot.

And today is the day! last week I was able to get my driver's license and yesterday i buy my first car after a long time of searching in Mercado Libre (which is the latin american ebay).

This is my Renault 12 1994 TL (it's the argentinian version), it cost me 17.500 pesos (786 dollars), i know it's ultra cheap but look he's condition, paint doesn't match, it's dirty and is missing parts.

It looks good, but I think it's rusty in some parts that I can not see, so I'll need bodywork, the suspension is pretty decent but it's an old technology and i want coilovers on it.

It only came with the block, but I will make it more sporty and I will change it to 20 valves (it is carbureted so it will be more interesting).

And finally the interior, for surprise the seats only needs new cover but i will buy rear seats because it's missing, the steering wheel it's good too so less work on this side.

That's my car, I hope the project is fun for you and me, luckily my father leaves me free time to work in it, I have to say that money does not collect everything by myself but my father also helped me by putting a part.

Thanks for your attention!

i help me with the google translator so if something it's wrong sorry.

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