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# StratoWolf : I have a Trueno rolling shell if you're interested.

I was going to do something to it but since then it's been collecting dust in my garage for months on end.
I found something interested different car.

Added 34 minutes later:

I was strolling online car market, and I caught my eyes this ex-D1 RX7. I have planned with her, I would repainting it, fitting brap brap engine (sorry it rotary), install interior as well, and make her change into street legal. All window are illegal for street because it got polycarbonate, I have to replace that to glass to get street legal. Of course, I change brake, I don't want you think I keep rusty disc.

I just arrive Saga Prefecture, it take me 2 hours fight to get there, now I have sitting inside tow truck way back which is it about 17 hours but we agree we stopping halfway to get nice sleep so we won't get more risky accident due tiredness. The spending and income will be there once my RX7 have sandblasting it.

My girlfriend (she is not petrol head, she does love moped daily) text to me, "I have gift for you for your nice early birthday" (of course my birthday are this weekend (ON RP)). I ask her what is then she replied with photo, it was nice rebuilded turbo 13B engine, I was shock when she shown me, she knew I love 13B engine so much because braps noise. She said "I'm not sure that fit into your FC?", I replied "It will be, FC was rotary engine, so it should easy to swap".

Here photo she send to me....

I love my babe so much for nice gifted!

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