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So... I've been gone for a minute. Too Long. But While the S2000 Was shipping I was hitting up a few forums and found some parts for the car around LA, as I was picking them up I was also working on the 240sx.... I put about 10,000V$ into building the motor and about another 3,000V$ For S2K parts,

Parts List

-Top Secret Replica Hood /w Hood Pins
-Engine Bay Bracing
-Strut Tower Brace
-Invidia Dual Cat Back
-Trunklid Latches (Also Shaved the Trunklid)

-New Internals
-Custom Made header
-90mm Precision Turbo
-Stronger Axles, Diff, And Driveshaft
-Put the mbDesign LV1's On (19"x11")

ISO BN Sports Hatch For S13 Coupe!!