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-✘ Ah, here we go again. It's been almost a month since last update, so I guess it is time to show some things? ✘-

-✘ First things first right? As most of you already know I bought a GTR, and no it's not a R35 as most of you thought in first place. Last year around the same I was sitting in a 1000HP R34 in Tokyo, year later I have my own. Yeah, I bought myself a 2001 Nissan GTR V-SPEC II. Yeah, you read that right. This car is the most expensive car I have ever owned, all bought in cash, no loans or something like that, thats why I said I am making probably biggest financial mistake in my life, but so far so good haha, I still have roof over my head and food to eat, also wife did not kicked me out either. So lets talk about the car itself right now. It is completely original V-SPEC II still in its original Pearl White color, no rust issues, no dents or scratches and only one owner before me which took care of the car perfectly, only aftermarket thing on this car is Nismo bodykit which I fucking love. The car currently has 38'thousand kilometers on it's clock, which is low enough in my opinion, don't get me wrong, I am not one of those who won't drive their car because of mileage or because to not ruin the cars value, I am going to DRIVE this thing anywhere anytime and whenever I want to, it is my daily driver, my track toy, you name it, I do it with this car. Suspension is all original too, no coilovers or lowering springs, but I ordered something which is "good stuff" and now I am waiting for it to be built, will tell about it later. The car sits on original BBS LM R19 wheels. So yeah, basically the car is untouched since it left the factory, or it was up until now as I already did some mods to RB26, but I can do whatever I want right? Good things are coming for this car. Anyways, I will talk about those mods later. I let the pictures do the talking right now. ✘-

-✘ As you guys know while visiting Tokyo I have been to Tsukuba and yes I took the R34 with me. Had an amazing time, got used to the car, learned to push the car to its limit and so on, which led me to the best personal time of the day - 1:05.37, now the goal is to drop my time to 1:03 or less for the next time. Remember me saying that I could have bought a new 911 or something similar? Coincidentally there was a new Porsche 911 Carrera S on the track, so you know what happened next, we were battling it out for half of the time we were on the track, believe it or not he stood no chance, the only advantage he had was on straight aways, obviously driver experience played a big role too, so to sum that battle up it was big balls in GTR vs cocky rich middle aged man who could have afforded to crash his car. Anyways, GTR lived to my expectations and even more. ✘-

-✘ Enough about GTR right? My "new" S14 undergone major changes too. Long story short the car was repainted to white color, also TCIII's were powdercoated to black color too. As for exterior mods I did not change anything apart rear bumper, I couldn't stand that ugly D-Max rear bumper and got a stock zenki bumper instead, obviously I had to mock up a diffuser for it to look good. Also Origin rear spoiler was put on. So now the S14 looks how I want, not a puzzle anymore. The next thing on the list will be a roll bar or simple roll cage for it. Oh and by the way I also changed the engine, oops.. The engine I chose might disappoint some of you but it is my car after all. ✘-

-✘ Yeah your eyes don't lie, I went back to the SR20, but this time to the best one out there. I bought a S15 Notchtop SR20DET with few little upgrades, it has TOMEI exhaust header, HPI downpipe and HPI intercooler, also it was rebuilt recently. Oh and I also intalled a KAAZ 2WAY LSD in the back. So now we have a solid 300HP SR20DET inside the car. You guys know that I am Nissan guy, so Toyota engine inside a Nissan is a fucking crime imo lol, it's a Nissan house after all. :rolleyes: . ✘-

-✘ Mandatory picture of the situation in the shop. April was very productive month for us, did a lot work, sold many things and so on. Also as you can see we managed to squeeze six cars inside and there is still enough place for few more, we really need to bring our Time Attack RPS here too, soon, soon.. Oh, there is another GTR in the garage too, and no it's not mine haha, it is owned by one of our guys, fun fact - I was considering to buy it, but I went for R34 instead and he bought that R32. Dream garage shaping nicely. ✘-

-✘ The S2K might be sold soon as I am looking for new owner for it, basically this car was built for STC88' competition but because everything went dry af, there is no use of it for me, also somehow my drift cars turn into very expensive builds, I really need to get something cheap, no more 20k drift builds haha. ✘-

-✘ I said that I will tell about GTR mods a little bit later, so here it is. I installed a HKS Oil Cooler, also replaced the OEM water and oil pumps with N1 ones, the OEM exhaust headers were replaced with TOMEI EXPREME ones, in addition TOMEI outlet pipes were installed too. Last but not least I installed a TOMEI EXPREME TITANIUM CAT-BACK EXHAUST, I might go for a full exhaust later on. And the best part.. Tein Japan is building me a custom coilovers which you can't buy off the shelf, especially for R34, they are equivalent to Super Racing ones, but in reality they are even better. I had Super Racing's in my purple 350Z so I know what to expect. Can't wait to install them, it should be finished and sent to me sometime next week, it takes like a month for them to build it. So yeah, GTR is coming along nicely. I also might be looking for another set of wheels, which will be my Track/Racing wheels. ✘-

-✘ Thats kinda it, I will try to be more active again ( knowing me, it is unlikely lol ) as a lot of cool things are coming, S-Chassis meet and etc. I need to get together with guys sometime too, as I haven't seen many of you for a while, maybe meet with GTR's or something else. We will come up with someting. So yeah, peace, till later guys. ✘-