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# Jfernando1 : Nice S14 and 240sx.

They look good.

Thanks bud !

Added 56 minutes later:

I'll miss this place...

○ Well , the time has come. I guess I'll have to start packing if I wanna move to Japan , right ?

○ So , as I said , I want to move to Osaka before the S-chassis meet happens , and after that , just remain in Japan , after all , the JDM scene is much more bigger there.

○ I've already booked a ticket for the flight and I'll be shipping both of my cars there. I've also looked for a garage and an apartment and lets just say that it just so happens that one of my old friends is selling his garage. All I have to do is find a cheap apartment to live in.

○ Also , because the flight to Japan takes about 12 hours , I probably wont post at all tommorow.

○ Anyway , I'll better start packing up my shizzle , see ya guys in Japan !

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