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@Radcoon, thanks!

# Dr. Zoom : I saw it.

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My dashboard plus vent system, wiring, etc are stripped out, so I can I re-location fuse box, modified wiring that better fit for new engine. I saw Mackey selling 2JZ and I'm emailed to him, hopeful it good engine. I need research different between SR20DE and 2JZ-GTE, I believed redline is different.

After dashboard work is completed, I being painting and making them look like brand new, I'm quite impression wheel colour that I chosen it, it gold!!! It look pops with red paintwork and near-perfect matched my steering wheel.

Next, I'm going to suspension works, also brake system. My sub-frame on rear have corrosion, they are savable, I could restore sub-frame back like new but stronger than came from factory.
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