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sooo never knew this existed, decided to make a post to show off my 2 pos's

1993 Renault Clio 16s

sooo this is a weird story, car was given to me for free by one of my dads friends, he was using the car for parts for his ACTUAL Clio Williams. He needed the space in his garage and called me up...
1 day later and I have another old car.
speccies for nerds:
1.8 16v F3P engine, 140(ish)hp to the front (obviously)
Unknown strut brace
Pipercross intake
K-Tec headers
Straight pipe & decat to Scorpion tip w/silencer.
Not too loud, just nice
BBS alloys, 195/60/16.
Pioneer stereo, FLi door speakers and FLi 6x9inch subs in the back fascia thingy
Full leather interior w/original leather bucket seats (rare iirc)
Electric windows, power steering etc etc
HID's and yellow foglights
FKperformance sunstrip

2002 BMW E46 318ci

So this was a junkyard save come drift car that I bought for 800 euro with a roll cage, welded diff among other things.
It has:
No interior
Bucket seats
Hydro handbrake (not installed yet)
Welded diff
Random intake
Exhaust cut at the gearbox
Style 66 (I think) front alloys, recently refurbished.
No back bumper or boot floor
Nardi genuine steering wheel
that's actually it...
Excuse the green shit, wasn't me, previous owners "work"