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Super D Drift Matsuri 2018

You guys know how it ended, so here some impressions.

Grangé Motor Circuit is an amazing fun track! We had great weather and so many great people!

That S14 I chased here had around 850bhp so it was kinda hard to follow.

As you can see Itashi is kinda big in the states as well!

One of my favourite pix! Lining up behind Evan Brown! Nice dude btw.

Last view behind the wheel on sunday. :hanging:

Overall... great weekend (said this before) plus I met Naoki Nakamura! And he signed my hood!

I'm back in Osaka now. Actually cruising around with the R33 ;)

# Mr.Stance : Fack maneeee
Hey , i got a full kouki bodykit if u want it talk to me by pm
Thx buddy, but I'm good. Might go for a Zenki bumper...

# Dr. Zoom : Damn, but there good thing, you don't damaged chassis.
True true. Wasn't a big hit anyway!

# radcoon : Oh that sucks! Looking forward for your update. Sorry that it ended that way.

Shit happened! But I enjoyed it overall!

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