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Tuned and ready to kick some ass !

Hey , wassup guys ! So , I've just got home from the dyno and yes , the RSX is tuned now. Here are some pics of the dyno result :

So , as you can see , it now makes 255 hp on 13 psi with stock internals ( I really hope that nothing is going to blow up in the next couple of days... :( ) . I'd say it's enough for my daily needs but hey , you can never have enough horsepower , right? :D

Also , here's some sick pics my friend took :

Ok , so , later today some spicy stuff is gonna happen. Let's just say that I'll buy another car and I'm gonna make it the project car. I mean c'mon , the deal was great and I had to make an offer. :P

I'll keep you guys updated , stay stoked !

Added 1 hour 52 minutes later:

This is what I needed...

Alright , waddup everybody ! So , the deal went really well. Lets just say that I bought another S-chassis. An Kouki S14 to be more exact. Before I get into the story of this car , let me show you some pics :

Yes , I know this car looks really good on the outside , but sadly , the SR20 inside the engine bay has a hole in the block and a big crack in the cylinder head... Very sad , I know.

At this point , you may ask : why did you buy a broken car? Well , let me give you a list of specs :

To be quite honest , I would've installed these exact parts to it anyway , all it needs is a new engine. Should I replace the broken one with and SR or something more.... interesting , like a 2JZ or RB26 or something? I dunno yet.

Anyway , I bought this car for 3965V$. I'm afraid that this might be the last car I buy for now. My wallet is getting skinny and I dont like it...

The guy who sold me the S14 also offered to tow it to my place for free! What a nice guy!

Here's some other pics that I took :

That's all for now , stay stoked , this project is gonna last...

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