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I'm back!
I was inactive long time, and I sold yellow S13 and busy personally stuff but I'm back!

I haven't driving longggg time, so I find running S13 and I found very clean pignose S13 on facebook adverting a very cheap price, it only 5,000V$ so I bought the car. :D

Model and Make: Nissan 180SX
Year: 1994
Engine: Originally was CA18DET from new but engine was replaced on 2003, using SR20DE base from S15 from new.
Mile: 45*** KM (Low miles because it was one owner from new and kept dry storage most time).
Modifield: Unknown brand axle back exhaust, K&N clone air filter with eBay intake pipe, Vertex gear knob and SR20DE swap.
Pros: Piggy nose, rust free (he always drive summer and autumn), and well love.
Cons: S15 gearbox is sucks...

Mr Stance was impression with my new motor.
Plans is replace 6 speed gearbox which is they common failure replace to 5 speed gearbox same time replace clutch.

My wallet would be 25,500 V$.
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