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..Repost because of new page..


-✘ Haven't updated in while, so lets get straight to the point. Remember when I said that I was doing a lot of business related things and etc.. Yes, you read that title right, the time has come to start a new episode and "advance" a little. A lot of things happened in those two weeks, moved into new shop, sold R32 and Z, signed few deals and so on.. You will find out about everything a little bit later. ✘-

-✘ First things first as always. Literally nothing new happened in my garage considering my cars, as I was working and dealing with stuff most of the time. The only changes were that I put Advan TC III's from RX7 on S2K and borrowed a Mugen hard top from Shao's friend for a few days, oh and also installed rear bumper over bash bar for cleaner look, so now S2K looks not as aggressive as before. And that's it. Despite the fact that I was busy most of the time, I couldn't turn down offer to go to local touge to test Shao's newly built GT86 drift car. So we loaded his VW van with tires and went there, spent like six hours there. Holeecrab where ya at, you have a rival now lol. Long story short it is 2012 GT86 completely built to D1GP standards, engine swapped to single turbo 1JZ making around 700HP and etc. You get the idea. ✘-

-✘ I also spent some time behind the wheel too as I have most drifting experience of all us, and oh man, that car goes sideways like crazy. Thankfully Kevin was with us, so he decided it would be great idea to make a video. Business like usual, few beauty shots, and GoPro cameras set around the course, and before you ask, yes it is me behind the wheel in the video, was pushing the car to its limits that day. After driving this GT86 I finally realized that S2K is such a hard platform to build a drift car, but I won't give up. Ahh, I need to do something with my S2K too.. Anyways here is the video. ✘-

-✘ Oh, I also lost my all interest in the RX7.. Seriously, I don't even want to see this car in my garage anymore. Don't get me wrong, I really love rotary engines and RX7's in general, but I just don't see myself owning this car in the long run anymore. I just don't need it anymore. It was fun while it lasted. So now it will just sit in the corner of the shop, I might do some work on it and then sell it as a track tool for someone, we will see. Anyone have any offers? ✘-

-✘ We spent like full week moving into new place after everything was signed and agreed upon. We moved all the furniture, equipment and tools from both my and Shao's garages. This place is a lot smaller than my previous one, but a lot better, better location, also have an office space and so on, so it will be good for our business. We signed contract for two years because we are renting it, we will probably extend the contract later on. We splitting the rent with Shao. We can't afford to buy or build such garage right now because it would require a lot of money, hundreds of thousands if not more, so all we can do now is rent. A lot of awesome things are coming, such shop was a must in my opinion, so we will see.. ✘-

-✘ Remember when I said that I might be selling my R32 ? Well the time has come and I sold it. I am not going into detail, but such decision was made considering current situation in life. Good thing is that I sold it to a person which I trust, to my friend Lagano, so I am sure he will take care of it. I believe he will update you guys in his own topic, so all we have to do is wait, all I know is that everything went fine and the GTR is already in Yashio. It was one hell of a ride with this car, many memories, this GTR won't be forgotten. Lagano, take care of it like it is your child, I will be coming for a visit once in a while to see how it is lol. Wife took a picture of Lagano rolling at the expressway right before I took the exit. Strange feeling seeing it driven by someone else, but knowing that it is in good hands puts a smile on my face. See you again.. *insert Wiz Khalifa - See You Again* ✘-

-✘ Lets not forget the Z', right? After briefly chat with Rocky Autos decision was made to sell it as I already had buyers lined up. So it was sold and is already on its way to Russia, Moscow will be its new home now. Thanks again to Russians from Tokyo, connections help a lot. I said that I will keep it but eh, money don't wait and I can always build another one, I might even restore few more later this year to sell, we will see. I am already looking for another Z', hakosuka or kenmeri, I just need to find one worth buying and building one. Literally spent like 7 months working on this Z, so yeah, a lot of time and money went into it. But whatever, better things coming soon! *insert Wiz Khalifa - See You Again V2* ✘-

-✘ Even though I moved into new shop, signed few business deals and sold my two beloved cars I also have to announce one more thing. Because my birthday is coming I talked my wife into letting me make probably biggest financial mistake in my life, so I bought something which I wanted for a long time but never had money for it, always said later, when the time is right, but the time is never right, you have to do it when you have opportunity, so I did. I am not going to reveal it right now, but maybe you will understand, I am going to blur it out, but all I am going to said is that I could have bought a new 911 or a Ferrari for that money, can't wait to show it to you guys. Probably will reveal it on opening of your shop later this week, just be patient guys. ✘-

-✘ So yeah, that's kinda it for now. Keep an eye open for more updates.. Peace. ✘-


-✘ Kinda short update on what is happening at the moment. Well, at the moment I am in Tokyo since Wednesday, sourcing some parts, visiting old friends, having a track day in Tsukuba and doing cool things as usual. Because I am here I couldn't do some things, so my guys from the shop did some stuff without me. First things first, they installed a full rollcage for ZERO. He came on Monday and they finished his cage yesterday ( on friday ), business as usual, cage installed in three days. Picture was sent by one of my guys, great job, Zero will be safe for sure. ✘-

-✘ Ah.. Most of you were really wondering what kind of car I bought, yeah it is some kind of GT-R, that's it.. Will reveal it on Monday probably, after Tokyo shenanigans. :rolleyes: ✘-

-✘ Another cool thing that happened while I was away is that I traded my RX7 for a built 1997 S14, while scrolling on advertisement I saw that "Mr.Stance" offered me such deal, so after hesitating for a while and thinking I decided to go for it, called Shao and arranged someone to tow my RX7 all the way to Sendai, to handle the RX7 to new owner and bring back the S14, and yeah, before you ask I kept my Advan TC3 wheels. Some things about new car - It sits on modified Skunk2 coilovers, no idea why previous owner installed Honda coilovers, but whatever, I will be replacing them soon, also custom front control arms, S15 Spec-R brakes, welded differential, I believe that's it for suspension, will check everything myself when I return to Osaka. D-Max body kit all around, bucket seats inside, Nardi steering wheel and other cool bits to go with such setup. ✘-

-✘ But the best thing is under the hood. The engine is swapped to "mildly" built 450HP 2JZ-GTE Non VVTI with V160 transmission, which is perfect engine in my opinion, perfect base for high horsepower. Also it has pretty good parts installed around and in it, HKS cams, HKS bov, Exedy clutch, Greddy single turbo kit with T78-33D turbo on it which is good up to 700HP, Greddy oil and transmission cooler, Greddy exhaust system with Top Secret muffler on it, and last but not least Mishimoto cooling system. I already have some plans in my mind for this car, it will get repainted very soon, I will also change those Honda coilovers to something else and will tune the engine to have solid 500HP, so we will see what we can come up with for this car, it will be interesting. ✘-

-✘ New place is coming along nicely, only our Time-Attack S13 is missing right now, but don't worry, we are still working on it. We thought that we won't have enough space for all of our cars here, but really it is much better than previous one, a lot better layout and stuff. Few more cars should be coming soon? Ahh, we can easily fit like eight cars here, new place was worth it. ✘-

-✘ Today I spent the whole day at Tsukuba Circuit, had an amazing track day here, will upload some footage from the day, I am sure you will enjoy it. Also because I will be going back to Osaka tomorrow, on the way home I will visit Suzuka circuit if everything goes as planned, and will probably meet with AJ "RocketBunnyS13", might even do some track time here. So yeah, can't wait. ✘-

-✘ So I guess that's it, keep an eye open for next update, a lot of awesome things coming soon. Peace.✘-

# Zero : What is your trick? Like how do you get all these cool cars? As always straight fire from you!

I don't really know man, it just happens, being at the right place at the right time haha. Those two GT86's ain't mine, my car count dropped to 4 four cars now :| ( S2K, S14, F11, GTR ) Thanks Zero!

# Lagano : Looks like my S14 got some competition :D And if you're still in Tokyo come check out the R32 like you said!

Ahh, that's too early to say such things haha, I still don't know what I am going to do with it. Oh, I will drop by tomorrow sometime around midday then. :thumbsup:

# Renaruto : Was also considering putting a 2J in my S14 but it'll probably stay SR for now. The new shop looks really nice!

((also love the implementation with the assetto stuff lmao))

I wouldn't do that swap myself, but because it is already swapped by previous owner I will keep it, both engines are awesome. Our time attack SR22 have about 800HP inside, so yeah, SR's can be good too haha. Also thanks man!

(( Haha, thanks, new idea that I am trying lol))

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