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Trip to Osaka

Well, like i told you - last friday i went to Osaka to visit Mackay. When i got to his garage i was amazed by all the cars there, even if i've seen many cars like those in the past. I had a great time meeting him and checking out his garage but his R32 GTR was why i got there. I wanted one for a long time, well i had a R32 GTS-t for some time but that just wasn't the real deal. After winning at round 2 of STC88 Drift Con i got some money to spend, and i was supposed to get a prize car too but the dealership had some problems so i decided to get a car myself. It set me back for way too much but when i saw this GTR was for sale i just couldn't resist!!

His Fairlady Z found a new owner too but it was still in Mackay's garage when i was there so i asked him if i could give it a try. This car is so much fun, i mean, definitely not as fast as the R32 but it's fun in a different way. It's so lightweight that it doesn't need much more than a NA RB25, but ITB's make some more power and a lovely sound!

Such an awesome car, one of my favorite classics. Maybe i'll get something like this some day...

I drove back to Yashio with this thing though. Mackay was next to me on the highway for some time before we split up. When he took the exit, i noticed that the road was almost empty so i tried what this monster can do, he probably heard that lol. It's capable of speeds much higher than the stock speedometer so that will have to be taken care of. Long story short, this must have been my best 500km trip ever.

So now i have 2 RB26 powered beasts. Thanks Mackay!