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#139749   2018-04-01 00:31          
# Sleepin mOnkey : nice banana
thanks :>

# Renaruto : Looks awesome. Maybe get some beefier tires to fill up the wheel wells a bit :3
Yeah gonna use these as burners for my S13 most likely, kinda small

# Lagano : Now your S2000 surely stands out a bit more haha. Wheels are kinda small as you said, you should try to fit a set of 18's from my S14.
That's a good idea actually. Gonna try them soon.
Congrats on the win btw ;)

# MACKAY : If you want you can try my set of MR401's but in R18 which are from our Time Attack RPS13 lol. But anyways S2K looking better than ever. :thumbsup:
Thanks! Gonna try the 18s from Laganos S14 instead, we live literally right beside each other so why not.

# RocketBunnyS13 : Tha Spa Yellow really pops! I reckon it'll look much better with some thicker rubber, meaty fitment yo!
Yeah it really does pop, need to get fatter alloys pronto.
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