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Mmmm looking so good

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new car.....again

so yeah, like the title says, i've gotten myself a new car. I bought it from one of Marcus' friends up in Osaka for Y800,000, pretty good price for what it is.
Had to get the train up but lets just say never again.
Its currently:
-SR20DET swapped
-SSR Mesh 16"
-Purple tints
-Resprayed cream
-Dented ass exhaust
-Shaken for a week (:/.)
-pretty much stock everywhere else

I like how it is so far, i always wanted one and thought I should jump on this offer when I was told about it.

Met up with one of my friends after, Haru, with his sick R32 Skyline GTS-T
also gave me a chance to get used to the C33

thats it, bye

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