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#139048   2018-03-17 17:10          
# GIORGI123 : very big and awesome RP! i like it!much

# saletl : The TimeAttack RPS looks stunning!
And as well nice run at Ebisu with the BMW.

Thank you guys!


-✘ Well.. I am back in Osaka. Nothing new, S2K did it's job perfectly, now preparations for round 3 will began, we will see what we can do for it in one and half week. Also we quickly made a video in my neighborhood, never thought it is such a great place to film lol, thanks to my man Kevin for the video, he shot and edited it very quickly, he needed something for his portfolio so you know, if you need awesome photographer or filmmaker then hit me up and I will direct you to him. Hope you guys enjoy it. Peace, till later. ✘-