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Ground Zero
-✘ Update and review of last fifty days.. ✘-

-✘ Ahh.. Another update out of nowhere right ? Who missed me haha ? Long story short I was absent for quite a lot again but here I am.. A lot of shit happened again in those "two" months or so, and you better believe me when I say this. So here we go right? ✘-

-✘ First things first, I want to talk about the GTR as it was out of the picture for a long time.. And before you ask, yes, the R32 is just sitting in the corner of the shop all the time and collecting dust lol.. In the last three months it only saw road for like five or six times, doing total of sixty kilometers.. It's like animal locked in cage, 1000HP car sitting in garage. I am afraid the GTR is becoming showroom status car, we will see what future brings for it. If you have any serious offers for it then hit me up, might sell it if the person and offer is right, so only seriously interested please, don't waste our time. Those things aside the GTR got some changes too, SARD GT wing was taken off, front bumper was replaced by Top Secret one, I also replaced original hood to fiberglass lighter one, now the front is very sleek, don't worry about cooling which grill provided, new bumper and it's bigger ducts compensates for it. Also the widebody and new parts was paint matched to the original color, looks awesome in my opinion, stealthy. ✘-

-✘ Also lets talk about FD as it undergone few changes. Long story short the suspension got upgraded and the OEM shock absorbers were replaced with TEIN Mono Sport coilovers, I also installed EDFC so now I can change damping levels on the fly. Also now it is sitting on ADVAN TCIII R18 Wheels wrapped in R888's. The exterior got some changes too, rear taillights and windows got tinted, my friend "Affinis" sent me some Final Form goodies including window banner, shirts and so on to congratulate me on buying a RX7. Original muffler was replaced with a'pexi N1 Evolution muffler, also I reworked the exhaust system a bit. But the best part is that I installed sleek style headlights, C-West N1 front bumper and C-West NIII side skirts, also simple rear diffuser was made by me. Slowly gaining that show car status as I said, only "few" things are missing and I will be happy haha.✘-

-✘ Lets not forget the Time Attack RPS as it is "finally" finished, only last bits of tuning and setting it up left. Last parts of aero was made and put on the car, massive front splitter, reworked rear diffuser and big wing which legs was machined by us. Also lets not forget the fact that we changed rear end setup and now we are running with tubed frame as everything was cut off, fuel cell and dry sump is also in the back for weight balance. The tubed frame won't affect downforce because we are running flat underbody, this thing will stick to the road like a F1 car. I am not going to talk about interior and will let the photo do the talking, it feels like you are inside a jet fighter. Eh, engine specs is still under NDA, but I can tell that it is already 850HP. We will go public and reveal everything on our first debut. ✘-

-✘ Also we already been to Tsukuba for some testing and adjustments, judging from the results the RPS is very promising, no doubt one of the fastest privateer cars in Japan now. RPS looks very promising both on and off the track, lapping the track in solid numbers, and we are talking about less than a minute without pushing it at all. ✘-

-✘ The E46 undergone only cosmetic changes as I reworked rear diffuser, made new exhaust system with four pipes coming out the back, also I put the SARD GT wing that was on GTR, only for aggresive looks. But those things aside, the E46 is now long gone as I sold it to ParkerFM01 about a week ago, he is running some kind of car blog, so it will be interesting to see what he will do with it, goodluck to him! ✘-

-✘ Also before selling the E46 I went to Ebisu and participated in STC88's Drift Con Event, sadly I did not took any podium place, but had a great time, other guys did amazing there, also had opportunity to meet other guys which I haven't seen for a long time. So yeah, I am already participating in round 2 and I am already here practicing and adjusting car, so wait till you see my entry run with new car. ✘-

-✘ As the weather is finally good, I am finally driving my 240z, feels so good to be behind this car steering wheel. My new daily driver, the looks and feelings I get while driving it is unexplainable. Couldn't be happier how this car turned out. ✘-

-✘ Lets not forget that we decided to sell Wife's GT86.. We thought it would be good to have a bigger car, so we got rid of GT86 and bought her a BMW F11 528i 2013. I had a M-Sport 550i F10, so now its time for F11 haha. Overall the car is in very good condition, it will be perfect for her, also it has newer N20B20 four cylinder turbocharged engine which produces 240 horses. Will keep it stock, maybe only nicer wheels and a remap will be done in the future. ✘-

-✘ Now lets talk about the new drift car. Some of you already seen it in Ebisu or in my garage, so here it is. I bought the notoriously undriftable car as majority of people say, the S2000! I know what you are thinking, but don't worry, this thing can go sideways as good as other rwd car.. Of course I needed to adjust my driving style to be able to handle this car going sideways. More importantly we needed to do some major changes to the car itself as it is very neutral chassis car, grip machine in its stock form.. ✘-

-✘ Damn, while driving S2K I feel like I am eighteen again and driving my first car E36 which I wrapped around light pole in 2010.. No surprise why such thing happened I guess. Anyways, spent first day after buying it hooning it around city and Wangan. Ain't no supercar, but it is so fun to drive! You have to be very focused or you will end up in the wall. ✘-

-✘ First things first I fabricated custom rollcage for it myself and stripped interior too. Also the engine head was rebuilt too, new gaskets, seals and other stuff, new oil and coolant, so now everything is just as good as new. Straight pipe for better response was fabricated too. Because of weight distribution the OEM gas tank was removed and instead I placed racing fuel cell in the back of the car, of course some cutting happened too, but that didnt affect low center of gravity, everything went well as I had my "mentor" on the phone consulting me, Gary Castilo from "Design Craft", he is the man that built RS*R drift car S2000 back in the day, so he knows his shit, he is something I look up to. My S2K also received Trust radiator, Exedy Carbon D Single plate clutch, TM WORKS MSI IGNITION system, because of the new fuel cell new WALBRO GSL392 fuel pump was installed. Lets not forget the other cool rare bits I bought for it. I also got myself a Spoon strut bar, Craft Square mirrors, Bride seats and Nardi wheel with Shao's handbrake. Lets not forget suspension as I will be running on some baller' shit, I got lucky and without thinking I bought an ASM SRE-1S Coilovers, the retail price on one those coilovers is nine grand, but I found them for third of the original price, yes it is not new, but still, show me someone else who has another pair. Racing Spec brake discs and pads were installed too and the car now sits on Enkei RPF-1 R17 wheels. Also for drifting activities COOL-D ( now known as 1020 ) parts were installed, such as shorter steering knuckles, camber plates, and steering gear box, which gives me massive angle, now the S2K has all the things it was lacking. Oh I also fabricated rear bash bar and front splitter with fender wents from aluminum, just to make it more agressive looking. After everything was installed adjustments began. ✘-

-✘ After the car was "complete we spent whole day tuning and adjusting it in the Meihan track, we set the suspension perfectly to my liking and to my preference, so I had no trouble going sideways with it. So now we will see how it will do against big boys at Ebisu. ✘-

-✘ Two daily drivers in one place. His and hers you know haha, should I wrap the F11? ✘-

-✘ As I said, right now I am at the Ebisu circuit, so come and say hi if you see me and take a better look at S2K haha. ✘-

-✘ Thats kinda it I guess? I will probably update you all when I come back to Osaka, so keep an eye open for update guys, peaaaace. ✘-