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New project: Sileighty

I was working on the yellow 180 I bought, and after reviewing it, the problem was the cylinder head, which was badly damaged, so while I was looking at the classifieds I found an RB26DE engine with a turbo exhaust manifold and a stage 1 turbo that was at a price and with some good modifications, although incomplete, for 1200 V$, and how I would have that leftover engine (SR20DET), I was looking for a car, and I found this ...

A 1993 Nissan 200SX S13, with Silvia front, It would be a Sileighty, but to be a 200sx would be more a SilTwenty, The car was in an acceptable body condition, impeccable interior, but the engine had a problem, the piston rings were fried and two pistons were quite damaged not to say that they were disintegrating, but take advantage that it was at a good price and I got an indispensable part, the cylinder head of the sr20!

My plan is to leave the gray 180 as it is, I will place the RB26DET to the yellow 180, and with the sr20 that has the damaged head cylinder, put this one, and I will place the repaired engine to this 200sx, besides placing a coilovers, a good set of wheels and tires, a coat of paint , and got the car for sale, so I earn a little money as quickly as possible

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