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The Mark II was never my car to begin with - my friend had just dropped it off at my place cause he offered to pay me 350,000yen to give him a hand with finishing the swap and sourcing the missing panels.

Tuning the RB25DE has been interesting to say the least, but we finished tuning it this morning at 5am so we got a few hours of sleep and hit the track for a test session, and it rips good.

350,000yen in my pocket, and a burning desire to actually get a car for myself now..

Somebody sell me a cool Altezza!

$34,605 + (1250x5) (income) = $40855
$40855 + $3500 (Mark II work) = $44,355
$44,355 - $10,000 (loose odds and ends for parts these few weeks) = $34,355

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