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Project Golf MK2: Engine, Suspension, Brakes and interior

After yesterday's test I started to work fully in the golf.

I changed the original springs and springs for coilovers, i changed the original brakes for a wilwood brake kit, i changed the wheels that the car brought for a 17-inch wheels,

I changed the original seats for a bucket seat kit , i changed the original steering wheel for a Momo unit , and finally...

I changed the old tdi engine, for a 20v engine 1.8t taken from a golf gti mk4, in good condition, and with a simple repro stage 1, went from having 180 hp, to have 210 hp, Maybe do one of these two things, Or I'll keep it and use it as a daily vehicle, or I'll sell it like this, I'll go with the second one ...

Added 20 minutes later:

Vehicle name: Volkswagen Golf GTD
Year: 1985
Miles: 328000 km (Body) , 125000 (Engine)
Engine: 1.8T 20V Swapped (From a MK4 Golf GTI)
Transmission: 6 Speed Manual
Color (interior/exterior): Grey w black seats / Grey
Condition: Excellent ! , Recently built, but without registration,
but it is in perfect condition, it will pass easily

List of options/add-ons: 20VT 1.8 swap with reprogrammed ECU ( 210HP )
Coilovers , Wilwood Brake kit , 17 inches wheels
Bucket seats , Momo steering wheel

Price: SOLD
Location of vehicle: West Sussex , United Kingdom

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