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New/old project: 180SX

Remember the 180sx I bought when I moved to Japan? , who rebuilt it from scratch? Well, then I sold it to Real Engine, the fact is that Real sold it to Nexus, which is the one I bought the 180 I have now, and Nexus put it on sale, and I bought it!

Although it has an SR20DET, working, but hits the valve cover, it may be the camshaft bridge, which will be broken or loose, because there is no chip in the carter according to what nexus told me, so it will be something easy .
Also the car is freshly painted and has a bodykit type x, removing the engine problem, the car is perfect, maybe I put my 2jz to that car, repair the sr20 and put it to the 180 I have, and so I sell it
Very good things are coming

Added 52 minutes later:

Practice : Photos and videos

Here are the photos and videos of the practice , Real engine handle the 180, And I handle the silvia

The silvia was quite complicated because it was the first time I handled it, and it got too much grip instead of doing drift, and when it did, It was too long tail and the backing was too long tail, so it was a slalom rather than a drift, realengine also got complicated because it was also the first time he handled that 180, although that car was much more controllable than the silvia

In the silvia video there is too much lag in a part that seems to be paused and in the 180 video there is a bad synchronization of the music and a text xddddddd
Silvia has to make several adjustments to drive well in drift, but for racing on the circuit is great, grips very well, but to slide, that does not help, so i have to adjust it enough , but the 180 is perfect for drift!

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