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thanks for the wing :)

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# Lagano :

Japan again???

Yes, i'm in Japan once again for STC88 Drift Con. It wasn't long before i got back to USA but when i found out about this event, i just had to give it a shot! Round 1 was held at Ebisu so i was pretty familiar with the track. It was all worth it though, because i got 2nd place! It was really fun, there were so many nice cars pulling off some amazing drifts.

I also met Soju and 11000rpm, we've seen each other at Nikko last year too. But this time Soju finally got to see his previous S14 again. He was really happy to see it, just like i was happy to see his 180! It's so clean and simple, and both cars look so good next to each other. His runs were quite impressive too, especially for a stock S13! When i had seen it at the track i remembered Skip's 180 when it had a SR20DE just like Soju's.

A few days later Skip showed up in this thing. He was a little better than me at the drift event so he got what he deserved. I'm sure he has some ideas about it so it probably won't stay stock for long.

However he still has to make his mind up so we did some work on my S14. After some runs at Ebisu i noticed that the brakes were getting weaker. I could've fixed them but i was thinking about upgrading anyway so i bought a complete brake kit from a Z32 300ZX, i also got a set of wheels and a rear wing. It was plenty of work because we replaced the brake lines and master cylinder as well. I gave the wing to Skip because i thought it would look good on his S13. At the moment he's not sure about it but i guess that wing will be more useful for him.

S14 will get some more upgrades soon to stay competitive for STC88 Drift Con round 2!