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180SX Project : Interior mods and a little big surprise

I made some changes to the car, I installed a gauge kit, Bucket seats , hydraulic hand brake , a vertex shifter , and a nardi steering wheel, but something does not fit ...

It has a boost gauge when the car is N/A ...

I think you know what happens ...

I installed a twin turbo kit to 2jz-ge, I changed the ecu for an AEM unit, and I did a repro and a modification in the turbo map, as this engine is the 2jz no-vvti can hold more than 1000 hp without problem, so with this kit, and in high boost can hold it without problems, I also change the clutch to avoid problems, this car with the map I did in low/medium boost gives about 460 hp, the kit says it gives up to 800 in high boost , but I do not want to ruin the other components so soon, when I want to go up in mods I'll change the gearbox (it has the 5 speed manual gearbox) and maybe the camshafts, for now with these modifications the car is more than good , then when I want to improve more, I will make more changes in the engine and in the transmission

The 180sx is getting more and more spicy! , Something good is coming!

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