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Project 180sx: Repair and registration.

After the car arrived at the workshop, we did a check, and the car was very good in the chassis, well engine, although quite damaged in the body, but the damage was in the panels that could be repaired or removed, so that there was no problem.

We went to a scrapyard and bought panels and bumpers, a back seat and the carpet, then the problem in the suspension was due to a bad adjustment and cut spirals, we bought them, also in the scrapyard , and in the workshop we placed all.


Just missing the engine, which was found the failure of why it did not start, the fuel pump was badly wired, so we fixed that problem and the car was working perfect.

We took it to the Technical Vehicle Inspection, and the car passes! , They gave us the plates and that's how it is now, Its already registered!

So now to see what we will do now, maybe a coat of paint, some coils, wheels and for sale, but we'll see ...

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