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I sold the Hachiroku , Now i upload the update of the new project
69000 + 6000 = 75000

Added 39 minutes later:

New project

Looking for a new project, and doing something different from what I always do, I find something at a very low price, I could not resist, what did I buy? , This...

A 1985 Volkswagen Golf TDI, In good condition of body and interior, but with a worn out suspension and a broken but working engine, for 500 dollars nothing bad, although I can not use it because it is not registered yet, and with the engine broken or I can walk, even though I have a nice one for a swap, I already removed the old engine a long time ago and I was looking for a good engine for this car that with the little that weighs, this little car will fly, A clue to guess which I'm going to put the engine to the car: 20VT , 180HP

This will be a good project for a legal track car for the street, stay tuned!

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