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Bad news, the workshop has caught fire ...

I was in my house sleeping peacefully when at 3 am I received a call from Real Engine, telling me that the workshop was burning, and right there I had several cars, except the ae86 and the Onevia, which were in my house, I went quickly, but the workshop was totally engulfed in flames, and several cars were destroyed by fire, like the S13.4 (Silfourteen), the 1JZ 180SX, the 300zx, and I think the real engine bmw, I do not know if there were more cars, but Those who reported me first were those, The members of my team go to see if any of their cars were in the workshop
Firefighters told me that the fire was intentional, that there was a gasoline can in one of the half-melted windows, a burned cloth, and a glass bottle that was badly damaged, so it was more likely that someone threw a molotov and then fire he/she fanned it with gasoline, I am very angry, At least the insurer paid me the damages of my cars, and the rest of the team that his car has been affected, The insurer will pay for the vehicles that have burned down, with the fire that there was, the most probable is that all are as total loss

Added 11 minutes later:

Now that I remember well, only my cars were destroyed, jdobbel has his own in his house, realengine was in his bmw to the workshop, hidden left the team before yesterday, and I was the only one who kept the cars in the workshop, except the onevia and the hachiroku, because they were my personal project and my car of daily use, so do not worry, I also have the report of the insurer saying the cars that were destroyed in the fire, now the police are investigating the case , but I do not care anymore, I lost the workshop, I lost the tools, and I lost my precious cars (except the 300zx, that anyway I had to go to the junkyard), but the two 180sx lost them, it hurt my soul, but hey, life goes on

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