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This is most likely a script redefinition problem check whether there are rim-classes defined with the same full name (package.shortClassName) if there is a perfect match you would need to change the classname of one of the rims or remove one of the classes(even the rpk reference).
If you want to change the name keep in mind that the class,java filename needs to be the same as the short class name and this means you would need to change the definition in the rpk and every reference to the given class (although because we are talking about rims it is very unlikely that the class name is directly referenced) a good practise would be to add some kind of prefix to all the classes referenced in a given rpk.
To properly rename a class file without the java source you can use this little experimental program I wrote (I originally wrote it to check whether the data in the MTHD and FLID parts of a class file is actually some lookup pointing to indices in the CONS table sadly it is not (or not directly), but the renaming functionality can nevertheless be used, though it will not rename the class file to adhere to the new fullclass name nor will it update the rpk) LINK

Another problem that can cause this is that you run out of the available 254 slots for rpks(~250 in the default game (the default track rpks reference some that are not there but nevertheless they do take away an index )) this can happen dynamically because the loading of rpks is lazy in the base game.

Added 5 minutes later:

Or you simply run out of memory (the game can only handle ~3.5Gb of memory if you reach 3Gb the game should be exited because it will crash very soon after)

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