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Tico Erotico <3
Had one IRL, such a good car

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this is kinda sudden, but,
i've sold my 180sx and Skyline.

i decided to buy my own garage and because of this they needed to be sold. It was hard to do but oh well. Had to happen some time - the Tico and Civic are still here though.
lifes been kinda hectic moving to a new garage and all, so i have had some time to browse what i want to build.

I've bought two cars for a total of Y693,982. Not much for two cars in good condition for their age.
the first car is a 1984 Toyota Mark II GT
it has a stock 1G-E non turbo engine with relatively boaty suspension. It was previously owned by a non-smoker so the interior is in good condition.

It has shaken for another 2 weeks so i will have to get it tested again but thats no biggie.
I have already bought and half-fitted coilovers too, i stopped because i had to go buy my second car.

My second car is a 1992 Nissan Fairlady Z Twin Turbo S
This was something i never really thought i would have but hey, shit happens. It's not registered currently but i will be getting it done soon

i found this for sale online for Y479,916 which is cheap for a car like this. It was cared for meticulously by the previous owner and it shows.
It's completely stock and i cant wait to start building it

The Tico hasn't been forgotten, neither has been the Civic.
The Tico has gotten a front bumper lip and sideskirts. They're just modified skirts from other cars i bought in UpGarage for Y31,994 which is pretty cheap tbh. Rattle canned them white and they look pretty good. The Yayoi's have also been painted a darkish purple color, i like it a lot better.

this is it i suppose, guess im back