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A Different Kind.

Thanks for all the kind words! Basically I can say that Project Supra is technically done for now. :)

As a result, I was getting bored lately, so I searched some local craigslist car listings for some new 'daily project' car.

I found one and contacted him, and headed to the public parking lot with 11K.

I found a decent S13 Silvia, but a rather different kind. Something you wouldn't find easily on this peninsula, at least.

A left-hand drive, with rear reflection lights, and the unusual "pop-up" regulatory lights to meet the requirement... The '89 240SX Coupe.

He said he brought it over when he moved his work from USA to Korea. He mentioned that the KA24 was blown a long time ago and it was already swapped with SR20DET engine without turbo setup when he got it secondhand. Also, it was repainted with 180SX yellow, which is a rare color. I've never seen Silvias with "this" stock color.

It had about 240K miles on the odometer, and probably engine must have ran less than that. Probably more than I could possibly imagine.

Well the gasket was kinda leaking and it needed some basic maintenance, and it showed no signs of rod/piston knocks which is a sign of running fairly okay. I gave him V$ 4000 which included all the registration fees.

With a short test drive, the shocks were okay and the interior was fairly in good condition. The 3rd party exhaust was doing its job at least. Well, getting used to MPH speedometer was a fresh experience though. I should watch out for accidental speed violation because of that.

This car might get really interesting, and it has potential. Or have I screwed myself up?