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Leaving a bit of the sounds and working on some script ideas, I decided to do this Launch Control mod just for fun, since it doesn't make sense to use it because physics in slrr are shit (the more the tires spin, the faster you will accelerate).

Now from the block you have the "Launch" value and you can assign rpm values ​​between Idle and Redline. Basically, when you press the "R" key, the Redline RPM takes the Launch RPM value, and when you press again, the Redline RPM comes back to his original value. But there are some problems:

* Every time you activate/desactive the launch mode, the game freezes for less than a second, but you can noticed. It is caused by the call to the method "forceUpdate()", this method is neccesary to apply the redline changes ingame.
* When a vee block or engine (v8, v6, v12, etc) appears, the game crashes.
* I can buy a turbo or even a complete engine with turbo, but when a try to install the engine or the turbo in the car, the game chrashes too.

So, if anyone who really knows about the scripts of the game wants to help me, i will send the files.

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