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Update 2UZ-FE 180SX (Now OneFourteen)

We just finished putting together this car, and it's great!

For now I have finished assembling this car, I have placed a turbo kit, front panels of a silvia s14, bucket seats, steering wheel nardi, Several gauges, boost controller, among others, and also place the differential, driveshaft, locate the ecu and reprogram it, change the old shock absorbers and springs by coilovers that are adjustable in height and hardness
Now the car is ready to run and can go to the inspection to register, Definitely, this was one of the best projects in which I work, and we work (rather), because where they have seen a 180sx with a swap of 2uz-fe twin turbo.
We will be making our debut very soon!
Thanks to Hidden Username for helping me with the cut on the floor for the transmission and the placement of the new panels, Thanks to JDobbel for helping me with the electronics

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