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What i've been doing all this time..

Actually i did a lot of stuff but i for now i'll show my vacancy build...

It all started the day afther christmas while i still was at my hometowm, my father asked for me to go get some drinks then i took the 240 to go to the store. When i was leaving i found my old higschool teacher there that was leaving too so we went to the parking lot togheter when she saw my 240 she laughed because she had a coupe when she taught me and now i had the same car afther some s13 talk i asked if she still had that car and she said. "even with the fact that i bought a new 86 i still have it wanna buy?She was asking 2.5 but we agreed on 2k

The car was a 93 model SE trim ad the best part it was special ordered mediterranian blue a color that was exclusive for that year definetly the best 240 i've ever saw.

The car was a perfect grocery getter, till onde day i was returning from my gf house and a biker tryed to do a wheelie but lost control and slammed the 240 on the middle of the Radiator, with the hit the guy flew at the middle of the windshield gladly i only got two light scratchs but the guy did got hut a lot so instead of getting mad i called 911 and went with he to the hospital to help and also look for a reward of my damages. glad his wife came and gave me both her and the insurance numbers for the damages.
As i left the hospital i called a friend that has a tow truck so i could bring the 240 home. The next day i began inspecting the car the damaged parts were: Hood, windshield, Radiator,radiator support and the parts that were arround there. Afther some talk his insurance gave me 3k for the damages of the car and 1000 for the other expenses.

It didnt took me two days till i decided to strip the car. while it still was at my house i managed to sell the ka for a friend by 600 Bucks. Then it came to me it is already fucked so why i dont fuck with it so it can be a nice car.
So i took it to the shop and went home to check my old s13 projects so i could see where i could improve or keep. At the end i went with a improved version of the tube work on my pro car and daily car but this time the entire chassis were integrate at the critical strutuctal points making it 20% stiffer and 30% lighter and way LESS complicated.

Afther one week the car was already recieving his new heart... A custom made 1.5JZ that ive built with some of the very Jz's i had laying arround basically it's a non VVT-I 2jz block blueprinted and balanced with a JDM 1JZ VVT-I head with reworked cams and reworked vvti gear wich increased the increase lol at 17% all these head mods required some machining on the pistons wich were domed and dished for the increased lift. As for non mechanical parts it recieved a twin scroll T6 wich was rebuilt and modded (200bucks) wich sits on a custom built mainfold done by me following the way of the air it goes trough a normal 2 row intecooler with machined inlets and outlet passes trough a q45 throttle body mounted to a greddy mainflod (Chmas gift from my importer friend) and gets mixed on some e85 provided by reworked european spec 2jzgte injectors two for each cylinder fed by a custom rail al controlled by an apex-i commander Ecu that came with the vvti 1J.

When i finished the heart and bones of my creation it was time to make her pretty wich were not hard to get since i am starting a custom bodykit shop so i went there and grabbed a Dmax model and some custom made wide fenders +30mm front and +50mm rear i decided to have all the crash-able parts made of pu except for my hood wich i kept fiberglass.

When her body was done she recived my adjustable supension with drop knucles and modded angle for more skids some r34 brembos to handle the power and vs-kf shoes. When it was sorted out i painted her straight black with silver bones -$400.

Then she ressurected with the glory of paking lot Donuts

P.S how about this new rp style i am trying to make?
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