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I have returned and here is an update!
You remember the gray 180sx ? , look at it now !

We finished assembling "for now" the 180sx, We placed parts that I removed from my car, such as the taillights kouki, the front lip, the carbon hood , the nardi steering wheel and some watches.
The 180sx (which I brought from Australia) came with some parts, like mudguards, bumpers and interior panels and back seat, even if I bought more things , as : Custom gear selector and hydraulic handbrake, Bucket seats bride, aluminum exhaust system, 17-inch wheels and more gauges , besides the 1jz-gte engine that I bought a while ago , but i ned to tune the car appropriately, I also need to adjust the new coilovers that I have also bought, but soon I will return to the tracks and to the streets

I've also sold the rx7 to a scrapyard (V$ 750), the r32 gtr i sold it too (V$ 22000) , and the ER3t too (V$ 7500) and I bought this

A 1991 Nissan 180sx (another more)
I found this car in a classified for V$ 950, it lacked engine, transmission, differential, driveshaft, and front panels, For now I put the 2uz-fe engine to go adjusting things, but it is not working yet

And since I was missing a daily driver, I bought this ...

A 2004 Honda Integra Type-R, In good condition I bought it for V$ 8000, so this will be the new daily driver that I will use, because I got interested in the er34 and I sold it, so I made a whole renovation of my garage !

Added 41 minutes later:

Guys, I received a message from a owner of a factory replica bodykits (sleepin monkey)(which is about to open), and they told me that they are interested in making a partnership with the team, I have been told that if his roleplay with our help can reach 200 posts, he will give us a free bodykit to each of us, and also if we want another one they will give us a 15% discount to buy it and that maybe we will make parts of engines, suspensions and other things, and they will give us a sticker of the factory to stick it on our cars, but do not get excited, because maybe it does not open or something else, but it would be great for a company to look at our humble team, but for now it's just smoke until it happens, So, what we can do is help Sleepin Monkey get the 200 posts in his rp, and also progress in our forum and have our cars ready, so we can already see the dates in ebisu and tsukuba to make our debut!

- Juancitoo

Added 1 hour 14 minutes later:

180SX Project: Tuning and testing in ebisu

A while ago I finished tuning the brakes, coilovers, the turbo map and the ecu, I went to ebisu to try it, and, DAMN!

The car behaves in a very different way, much more rigid, faster, and easier to control, now it will be approximately 420 hp, but I will not test it in the dyno yet, at least I already have my first car already armed in the team, my other 180sx is missing, with the 2uz-FE, to that car I have to make a cut on the floor so that the gearbox comes in with more space, get a differential lsd, a custom made driveshaft, place the ecu , try to turn it on, fine tune it, and complete the aesthetics, and I would have "ready" my cars to race !


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