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Thank you guys for the compliments!

I've been tinkering with my 180SX and JZA80 Supra, which is quite a long project.

It's been a while, but I did some work on both rides this month.


I took out the R33 stock wheels, 5-lug adapter and modified the brake discs, with "slotted" stock discs.

It sounds fishy, but at least it works better.

Also, the A-Piller black trim was fully painted with body color now. It was showing some wear and white blemishes all over, so I decided to paint it.

I ordered X-Type stock wheels + tires set for V$ 200. As I said earlier, I like collecting OEM Nissan wheels.

I always have that conflict between putting a spoiler or not.

With the X-Type wheels, I ordered used Vertex 5-Speed Manual Shift Knob for V$ 100. It was getting harder to find those rarities these days.


I refitted the old 'hollow' right headlights for more street-illegal look.

The license plate has been relocated on the right side of the bumper. No more hassles from police.

I traded my WORK T7 wheels with SSR SP1 wheels, which was more of my taste.

Also, I took out the F1-style mirror and replaced with Top Secret CF mirror for V$ 500.

I finally managed to acquire the pinnacle of my Top Secret Project, the carbon wing. It costed V$ 2500, which was a fair price.