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Hey! As like Kondzixs, I've been away too. However this was due to the internet cable in my house snapping, leaving me with no internet for a few weeks. Ok, roundup.

26th of January- This day was terrible for me & my e36. I was on the motorway, driving up to my college down in Cornwall,then suddenly clouds of smoke arose from the engine bay around the bonnet. I pulled over on the hardshoulder, and opened it up. Oil. Was. Everywhere.
The AA came and said it was a headgasket that had went- meaning the E36 had to be scrapped. I asked the police if I was allowed to keep the car, just not use it on the roads. They agreed. Future drift car incoming? ;)

11th of February- So on this day, I bought a few things. I had just got my insurance money (+800v£) and my monthly pay cheque from work (1800v£)

So what did I buy?
A new car.
New Wheels.
Some coilovers.
some camber plates.