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So after a long, long, looong while ya boi has made it back to the states again. I sold the Super Lucent, S14, Saab 9-3. I have a daily and a new car i just picked up!! Ps13 acquired. Its a LS7 Powered Rhd Coupe, comes with a lock kit half cage brides super straight body etc, and since im in Florida of course it passed emissions using a nice $100 bill. The Car is fully registered, and ready to go i sold the wheels that came on it (mb battles 17x10) and am running some 18x9/10 Leon Hardritt Ordens from a buddy of mine till i can pick up some new wheels. Maybe i can hit up the new owner of the s14 to see if i can buy my meisters back :) Either way its good to be back and posting.