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So I head to junkayrd from yesteday phone call....
He show me that car and last owner pass the message to him...
"It been abandoned inside dry garage for 3 years untouched under the car blanket, then it wanted to scrapped from last owner."

Good thing about this car.
- Most part look brand new and barely use it.
- It done drift tuned.
- Came with loads of extra rims.
- It got BN sport trunk, it rare (I think?)

Bad thing...
- It illegal on road!
- Headlight look riced. xD

It was 5k but engine wont start up, we agree 3k is fair price.

I give good washed interior, exterior and engine, then I give bit more gas, and give oils on head then hand cranking, there no seized.

I tries:
- Replace battery.
- New spark plug.

I check injector, they look okay and I do injector spraying to bottle but all four sign no fuel output. Test fuel pump and it look like it has seized up and I ordered and waiting for it. Fuel pump was by AEM, cost me 400 V$. Look like it running bigger injector, improved fuel rail flow but leaving factory fuel pump...

Oh also I just join team call DRIFTSTREAM RACING TEAM.
You should check out by click link: *LINK*

Before - 7,500 V$
S13 drifty - -3000 V$
AEM fuel pump - -400 V$
Spark plugs and battery - -100 V$
Total - 4,000 V$
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