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You change cars soo often. Some day I'm gonna sell everything I own and buy more money dumps, as you do.

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# marcus915 :
welp, finally sold the Y33 for 450,000yen, and the suspension for 225,000yen. Lasted about a month before I ruined it and realized I couldn't keep it because an automatic boat is just not fun enough for me. Back to dailying the JZA80 and S15!
But in my constant search for a car that I can comfortably drive, I hit the auctions looking and of course, something that I wanted BADLY came up. Plus i just got a raise at

2007 Nissan Fairlady Z Nismo, fully stock except for Swift lowering springs. Late model car, so VQ35HR instead of DE, 83,000km, and Nismo suspension makes this thing a hell of a lot more fun than a normal Z. These things are super cool because they come with staggered wheel fitment from stock, and well, its a Nismo Z. Starting bid was around 1,100,000yen, which was VERY low for what it is, but I decided to fucking jump on it. Couple minutes later, it's in my possession for 1,550,000yen ($15,500), which is a steal for a genuine Nismo Z. Did all the insurance work, passed the shakken and now its road legal till next February!