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4 and half hours later...

I have great time to learning drift, my friend have reward for doing very well and good listening. He give me was Bride seat and Vertex steering, then we fitted it at his house then I remove rear seat to lower weight. I hear knocking noise on rear during drifting, I check under of my car, I could see my exhaust have bad build and it rubbing and hitting moving part like drive shaft. Then I head to scrapyard to find any parts for my car but no lucks to found but I found GTR front bumper so I bought for 500 V$. Then I was way to my home and replace front bumper. I give her to good washing before I take snaps. Oh also I drain my wallet for some new tyres lol.

No damaged I made during drift.

(I'm still working on improve graphic looks like TehLithuanian said it because I need more time.)
Before - 9,000 V$
R32 GTR front bumper - -500 V$
Tyres - -500V$
Total - 8,000 V$

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