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WARNING long post

alright so what a busy week! not only did i not have chance to post the photos of shredding ebisu but i havent been able to update any one on how the cars look now! (very different!)

alright so ill post the photos of ebisu up first

alright so it was a blast me an yakumi loved it!

anyways i had a week off work and ive spent all week working on the cefiro and 86.
first off the cefiro. i hated the front grill and all the lights on the car and after seeing a few other cefiros with different lights i decided to go toi the scrapyard and get replacement lights and a different grill, then it was time to get it lowered so i found some Greddy coilovers that fit the cefiro an r32 as well as a really nice set of brushed bronze enkei 18s also did some research and r34 gtr brakes fit on perfect so now im running nismo r34 big brake kit all round too. spent a day putting all the parts on and adjusting the front lower arms for more camber and now it sits beautiful

im actually in love with the car now, probably not gonna do anything with it for a while now either as the next step would be more power, but really liking the fitment the car has and thing the grills and lights completely change the look of the car

now onto the 86. i checked the car over and body wise it wasnt that bad so i sent the car to have bodywork done and be sprayed while it was o nthe body shop i have gone an got a half cage and a full running gear setup for it received the car on thursday and have spent the last 2 days installing everything!

car in primer

so first off i really like the light blue colour for the car i tihnk it looks great with the panda. secondly i wanted to keep the car looking almost the same in the aspect of it been retro so even though its a drift car i dont want to go crazy as this car will change many times im sure. so the part list on it is huge so here goes. full hks adjustable arm setup running skunk2 front coilovers and greddy rears big brake kit all round then 16" ssr mesh wheels (cost a bomb) wrapped in some brand new proxies also running a JDW half cage. now theres still loads left to do to this car i needt to sort the interior out and get some seats and gauges aswell as a hydro and then i obviously still need to put an engine in it. im still toying with what engine as i wnat to keep it original and put a 4age in it but theres also the 1uz calling my name so we shall see what money allows me. going to start sourcing interior parts over the next 2 weeks for it too so we shall see.

monthly paycheck= v$4000
all parts for cefiro= v$3100
all parts for 86 including paintjob= v$4200


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