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So I have New Cars!

So the VW is gone. and i bought the car i went to look at as it was awesome and have never seen one before. i sold the VW the same day for V$3500 ehich was a good deal to the buyer but i wanted it gone to make room for this!

So yakumi had a nissan cefiro. and its a proper boaty cruiser with a massive 160hp rb25de XD its slow but i really love the jdmness of it and its nice to think the opertunity is there to make it faster or go vip. hey i may even go drifting when im at ebisu in 2 days so we shall see. also cheeky shot of his gorgeous r32 sedan.

now thats one car but i also went to a drift clubs garage as i heard they may have some cars/shells that i could buy so i went to have a look and ive come back with this, meet my new project car and the daily!

its a rolling shell and needs some body work an i paid V$800 for it which i tohught it was cheap so now i got something to build up. also i paid V$4500 on the cefiro too.

heres to ebisu in a few days time gonna be awesome i think some of the guys from the mountains are going im not sure yet but me an yakumi are going down together!

sold vento= +V$3500
bought cefiro= -V$4500
bought ae86= -V$800


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