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# Sqxidking : That Y33 is awesome really love the lowkey look of the car, any more plans for it?

thanks dude! and not at the moment no, unless a set of Avex or grey/white tail lights come up for sale. But probably not because I'm facing a major dilemna right now.

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# Renaruto : R.I.P Caseys S13 </3
So I'm facing a massive dilemna right now. I went to a drift event at Meihan a little while ago and fell in love with the N-Style Supra, and not to mention I saw Soju's Supra and I absolutely just fell in love..and anyone who knows me knows I've been hunting for one of the ultimate JDM legends, whether it be an FD, JZA80, R34, or an NA1. Today, two cars came up for me :

1998 Nissan Skyline ER34 25GT-T
Deustchwerks exhaust manifold
Greddy intake manifold
Q45 throttle body
HKS intercooler kit
HKS Hi-Power catback
Tein coilovers
BNR34 full metal rear fender conversion
SSR Agle Strusse
Previously used as a street car
Has shaken until March
2,400,000yen ($24,000)

1993 Toyota Supra JZA80
V160 transmission
Originally a 2JZ-GE car equipped with A340E automatic transmission
800cc Bosch injectors
Blitz intercooler kit
HKS SSQV blowoff
HKS Hi-Power muffler
HKS Hipermax II coilovers
BIM Driftmasters (rare wheels!!)
Has shaken until next January
2,300,000yen ($23,000)


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